In this day and age, the video below has the potential of hitting very close to home. What begins with a man casually perusing his Facebook feed ends with a tragic revelation of how reality compares to the lives we tend to project on social media. Watching this short but powerful video really opened my eyes to how easy it is to skew the truth when posting status updates on sites such as Facebook. I know that this choice is something people do on a regular basis; sometimes it can be hard to discern between what a person's real life is and what their life is tailored to look like on social media. 

According to Slate, a team of researchers led by Stanford Ph.D student Alex Jordan discovered that many of the participants in their research project felt more downcast after scrolling through a Facebook feed filled with "happy" posts from other users. It's not difficult to see how a simple scroll through a newsfeed can lead to feeling dispirited as people naturally start comparing their lives to the ones on Facebook. 

Here at SF Globe, we think it's important to recognize this aspect of social media to encourage others that every person has his/her own ups and downs regardless of what a Facebook profile says. We hope you get as much out of this video as we did. Tell us what you think in the comments below after watching!